Thermo Scientific™

APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector

Confidently protect your products from common metal contaminants found in food production with the cost-effective Thermo Scientific™ APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector.

Using the same industry-leading, high-performance magnetic, electronics and software technology that’s found in the Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 metal detector, the APEX 100 metal detector offers only the most commonly required metal detection capabilities, making it an outstanding value for cost-sensitive applications.

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The APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector Features:
  • Sensitivity levels equal to the Thermo Scientific™ DSP3 and Thermo Scientific™ Metal Eliminator detectors
  • Remote monitoring and control using Modbus™ protocol
  • Dual frequency for improved application flexibility
  • Compact and robust mechanical design for easy installation
  • Sanitary, blue, hermetic epoxy aperture lining to improve ease of use
  • Dent- and shock-resistant ABS plastic control panel with straight-lined, stainless-steel 304 case
  • Solid-state, touch operation control panel with icon-driven interface and multilingual Help and Autocalibrate functions

Note: Meets all IP65, Nema 4 and ATEX zone 22 environmental requirements