Thermo Scientific™

APEX 500 High Performance Metal Detector

Reduce product effect and costly waste caused by false rejects with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 High Performance Metal Detector. With superior sensitivity, new shielding techniques and a unique multi-coil design for magnetic flux consistency, you can feel confident the APEX 500 metal detector is meeting the food industry's toughest requirements.

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The APEX 500 High Performance Metal Detector Features:
  • Reduced production downtime
  • Enhanced search head capability with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology, new algorithms, improved noise filters, product phase tracking approaches and balance/recovery schemes
  • Performance validation through AuditCheck (optional)
  • Breakthrough signal process with ingIntellitrack XR (IXR) for improved performance in difficult applications
  • Remote monitoring and control using Modbus™ protocol
  • Unmatched sensitivity: Up to 20% greater than current industry standards
  • Dent- and shock-resistant ABS plastic control panel with straight-lined, stainless-steel 304 case
  • Solid-state, touch operation control panel with icon-driven interface and multilingual “Help” and “Autocalibrate” functions
  • Dozens of apertures sizes available to custom fit your production line
  • Reduced head size compared to the Goring Kerr DSP3
  • Mounting conversion kits available
  • Sanitary, blue, hermetic epoxy aperture lining to improve ease of use
  • APEX features two frequencies that are user selectable depending on the application

Recommended for: Meat, dairy, confectionary, bakeries and snack foods.