Thermo Scientific™

APEX Upgrade

Improve food safety with the most up to date metal detection equipment. Now you can breathe new life into your old metal detector with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX Upgrade. The APEX Upgrade provides a cost effective migration path for older metal detectors, offering new features, improved performance and a common platform for the future, so you can be sure even the smallest metal contaminants won’t slip through the cracks. The upgrade can often be done right in your factory in a matter of hours, or in our repair depot at a fraction of the cost of installing a new metal detector. 
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The Apex Upgrade gives your old metal detector a second wind. With these Apex Upgrade advantages, you’ll know that your food, pharmaceutical, and other consumer products are safe and metal-free.

Reduced Cost of Ownership

  • Protect your investment by extending the usable life of Thermo Scientific™ Goring Kerr DSP3, DSP IP, DSP IP+, and Metal Eliminator metal detectors.
  • Upgrade all production lines to a common platform, simplifying training, maintenance and reducing spares.

Leading-Edge Performance

  • Meets new, more stringent quality standards by detecting smaller diameter metal.
  • Meets Protection Ratings IP69K, Type 3 enclosure, ATEX zone 22, and hazardous location Class II Division 2 Groups F & G.
  • Improved sensitivity reduces rework and scrap caused by occasional false rejects.
  • New phase-tracking function and Thermo Scientific™ Intellitrack XR (IXR) software eliminates the need for setup adjustments.

Simplified, More Reliable Design

  • New electronic design simplifies installation and service.
  • Food-grade ABS control panel easily handles shock, vibration, water and various cleaning solutions.
  • Innovative, touch-panel keypad has no moving parts improving long-term reliability.

APEX Upgrade Options

Field Upgrade

  • On-site installation of the APEX Upgrade by a Thermo Scientific field service professional.
  • Preventive maintenance and certification of the upgraded metal detector.
  • Technician and operator training.
  • New Users Guide and Quickstart Manual.
  • New test pieces selected for your application.
  • A one-year, all-inclusive on-site warranty.

Return-to-Factory Upgrade

  • Factory installation of the APEX Upgrade.
  • Preventive maintenance and certification of the upgraded metal detector.
  • New Users Guide and Quickstart Manual.
  • New test pieces selected for your application.
  • A one-year, all-inclusive return-to-factory warranty.

Important Upgrade Notes

Field service charges are determined locally and are not included in the APEX Upgrade price. This offer includes all DSP-based products/applications (conveyors, drop throughs, pipelines) except the DSP Rx, DSP2 Minitek UK and DSP1.

The APEX Upgrade control panel must be mounted remotely for the DSP IP and DSP IP+ due to the small size of metal detector cases.

Return-to-factory upgrades will typically be completed within 2-4 weeks of receipt of your old metal detector and a purchase order in our facility. Please clean all food residues from the old metal detector before shipping it to the factory.

The above upgrades do NOT include any repair work due to moisture ingress, physical damage or general abuse. If the metal detector is in poor condition such that the APEX Upgrade may not function correctly the service or factory technician will notify you in advance of installation of the kit.

A 5-10% improvement in sensitivity typically can be achieved with the APEX upgrade, but is dependent on your application and installation

Recommended for: Food, Bakery, Meat, Confectionary, Snack Foods