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Applied Biosystems™

Pathatrix™ Cronobacter spp. 10-Pooling Kit

Catalog number:  APSAK500P

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Food & Beverage

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The Pathatrix® Cronobacter spp. 10-Pooling Kit, when used with the Pathatrix® Auto Instrument, facilitates the concentration and isolation of Cronobacter spp. bacteria from pre-enriched food and environmental samples for downstream detection by PCR, immunoassay, or culture plating. This kit format supports pooling of up to 10 enriched samples into a single test, which can help reduce downstream testing costs by up to 90%.

When used with the Pathatrix® Auto Instrument, the Pathatrix® Cronobacter spp. 10-Pooling Kit helps:
• Save up to 90% on downstream detection costs via pooling protocols
• Reduce false positives and indeterminates by separating target bacteria from background flora and inhibitors via a cationic paramagnetic bead
• Reduce time-to-results: obtain presumptive results typically in 32 hours via selective agar

Reduce Cost and Effort
The detection test itself is the most costly component of pathogen testing. By pooling enriched samples together as a collective sample, the number of detection tests is drastically reduced, thereby reducing the overall cost and effort associated with the detection workflow.

Kit Sensitivity
The procedure allows you to detect as few as 1-10 cfu from a 25 g food sample. The limitation of the Pathatrix® Cronobacter spp. 10‐Pooling Kit is in the ability of the target to reproduce in the enrichment medium, be captured by the magnet, and subsequently be detected by either PCR or selective agar.
For Testing of Food and Environmental Samples Only.


For Use With (Equipment): Pathatrix® Auto System
Product Line: Pathatrix™
Product Size: 50 tests
Target Organism Class: Cronobacter sakazakii

Contents & storage

Store the beads in refrigerator (2–8°C). DO NOT FREEZE.