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AroSpector™ Hydrocarbons-in-Water Monitor

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This product has been discontinued however we continue to provide services and support for this product.
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The AroSpector monitor is engineered to provide rapid, low level detection of aromatic compounds that fluoresce and can be easily configured to monitor the overall hydrocarbon concentration or to monitor for specific hydrocarbons, including benzene, toluene and xylene. As a result, costly contamination is averted and maintenance due to corrosion, scale formation and fouling is minimized. The system has a no plug and no pyrolysis design, ensuring that it will operate continuously without the danger of plugging or shutting down due to combusion failures or blockage of sample flows. In addition, installation and set-up are simplified because each system is sold with an all-in-one cleaning and calibration solutions rack.

Reliable Performance:
  • Continous qualitative monitoring for ppm level presence of hydrocarbons containing aromatic compounds
  • Programmable analysis cycle with a minimum cycle time of 15 seconds
  • Over-range alarm indicates when operators need to take immediate corrective action
  • Optional BTX filter simplifies aromatic-specific monitoring of benzene, toluene and styrene
  • Unique no plug, no pyrolysis design significantly minimizes maintenance
  • Cleaning cycle can be programmed depending on sample conditions to maximize uptime
Efficient Design:
  • Easy-to-configure with three standard measurement ranges: 0 to 20, 0 to 100 and 0 to 500ppm
  • User-friendly touch screen LCD display (general purpose model) or tracker ball (explosion-proof model)
  • No supporting chemicals or gases required by general purpose model and only inert purge gas required by explosion-proof model
  • Small monitor footprint with separate enclosure for electronics and analytics
  • Compact, all-in-one rack for cleaning solution, calibration standard, clean water and waste