BackDrop™ Background Suppressor for Microplate Assays

Catalog number:  B10512

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Cellular Imaging

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BackDrop® Background Suppressor is a novel reagent designed to effectively suppress background fluorescence in live cell assays. It helps improve signal-to-noise ratios when used with green-emitting fluorescent dyes or proteins.

• Can be added to complete media
• Improves sensitivity of green-emitting fluorescent dyes or proteins
• Validated with many cellular assays, including ion indicator and membrane potential assays
• Minimal cell toxicity—demonstrated to not cause osmotic shock to neuronal cells

The sensitivity of fluorescent assays can be compromised by autofluorescence or background fluorescent signals. These background signals result from cellular proteins or growth media components and contribute to a decrease in the signal-to-noise ratio and reduced assay sensitivity. Addition of BackDrop® Background Suppressor significantly reduce background signal, helping improve experimental results.

BackDrop® Background Suppressor can be added to growth media and has been formulated to not contribute to cell toxicity. It has been successfully used with many different cell types and fluorescent reagents (including ion indicators) to efficiently suppress background fluorescence.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Includes: One 50mL bottle
Product Line: BackDrop™
Reagent Type: Signal Enhancers

Contents & storage

Store at 2-8°C. DO NOT FREEZE. Protect material from long-term exposure to light.