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BCECF, AM (2',7'-Bis-(2-Carboxyethyl)-5-(and-6)-Carboxyfluorescein, Acetoxymethyl Ester)

Catalog number:  B1170

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BCECF, AM is ideal for measuring changes in the cytosolic pH of most cells, because it is a cell-permeant, dual-excitation ratiometric pH indicator with a pKa of ~6.98. Intracellular pH measurements with BCECF are made by determining the pH-dependent ratio of emission intensity (detected at 535 nm) when the dye is excited at ~490 nm versus the emission intensity when excited at its isobestic point of ~440 nm.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Permeability: Cell-Permeant
Detection Method: Fluorescent
For Use With (Equipment): Microplate Reader
Indicator Properties: Fluorescent Dye-Based
Indicator Type: pH Indicator
Product Size: 20 x 50 µg
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -30°C).