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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Discover superior interference removal and a simpler path to accurate results with the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ TQe ICP-MS. This triple quadrupole ICP-MS system is the perfect tool for laboratories in applied analytical science, which require increasingly reduced detection limits, larger sample loads and greater confidence in data quality from a single sample run. The iCAP TQe ICP-MS offers a unique combination of capabilities, combining the advantages of a true triple quadrupole setup with a simple and straightforward approach for interference removal.

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Why triple quadrupole ICP-MS?
Triple quadrupole ICP-MS systems offer:

  • Superior interference removal based on selective reaction chemistry in the collision/reaction cell (CRC)
  • A wide variety of interferences can be removed with a powerful combination of only two CRC gases
  • Effective suppression of unwanted side reactions when combined with a mass filtration step before the CRC

What challenges can a triple quadrupole ICP-MS resolve?
Triple quadrupole ICP-MS systems can:

  • Overcome interferences that causing unexpected sample failures, for example on As, Se, Cd and Hg
  • Improve detection limits for a wide variety of common analytes
  • Increase confidence in data quality, regardless of sample type

Why choose the iCAP TQe ICP-MS?
The iCAP TQe ICP-MS is:

  • The smallest triple quadrupole instrument on the market, requiring less bench space than other systems
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Designed for straightforward method developement using the Reaction Finder Method Development Assistant