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CellEvent™ Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent

Catalog number: C10423

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CellEvent® Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent is a novel fluorogenic substrate for activated caspase-3/7 that is compatible with both live cell and fixed imaging, with absorption/emission maxima ~502/530 nm. Activation of caspase-3 is considered an essential event during apoptosis, making this an optimized reagent for analysis of apoptotic cells.

• Optimized caspase-3/7 substrate for apoptosis analysis
• Simple, no-wash protocol helps preserve delicate apoptotic cells
• Compatible with both live cell fluorescence-imaging and formaldehyde-based fixation methods

Substrate Specifics
The CellEvent® Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent is a four amino acid peptide (DEVD), conjugated to a nucleic acid binding dye with an absorption/emission maxima of ~502/530 nm. The DEVD peptide sequence is a cleavage site for caspase-3/7 and the conjugated dye is non-fluorescent until cleaved from the peptide and bound to DNA.

Principles of CellEvent® Caspase-3/7 Apoptosis Detection Reagent
The CellEvent® Caspase-3/7 Green Detection Reagent is intrinsically non-fluorescent as the DEVD peptide inhibits the ability of the dye to bind to DNA. However, after activation of caspase-3/7 in apoptotic cells, the DEVD peptide is cleaved enabling the dye to bind to DNA and produce a bright, fluorogenic response. The fluorescence emission of the dye when bound to DNA is ~530 nm and can be observed using a standard “FITC" filter set.

Simple Three Step Protocol
To use CellEvent® Caspase 3/7 Detection Reagent simply add substrate to cells, incubate 30 minutes, and visualize (Figure 1). Apoptotic cells with activated caspase-3/7 will have bright green nuclei, while cells without activated caspase 3/7 will have minimal fluorescence signal (Figure 2).

Assay Versatility Allows for Live Cell Detection and Fixation
Our robust assay enables researchers to examine caspase-3/7 activation in live cells. Furthermore, since wash steps are not necessary for detection, fragile apoptotic cells typically lost during wash steps are preserved. Importantly, the fluorescent signal from CellEvent® Caspase 3/7 Detection Reagent can survive fixation and permeabilization. This allows for the flexibility to perform end-point assays, and probe for other proteins of interest using immunocytochemistry.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Form: Liquid
Color: Green
Format: Vial(s)
Label or Dye: CellEvent® Caspase 3⁄7 Green
Product Size: 100 µL
Emission (nm): 530
Reaction Time: 30 min
Sample Volume: 100 µl
Emission Class: Visible
Excitation (nm): 503
Incubation Time: 30 min
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Excitation Class: Visible
For Use With (Equipment): Fluorescence Microscope, High Content Instrument
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

100 µl, 2 mM solution in DMSO. Store at ≤-20°C, dessicate and protect from light.


Manuals & protocols

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