CellTracker™ Deep Red Dye

Catalog number:  C34565

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Cell Tracing & Tracking

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CellTracker™ Deep Red is a fluorescent dye well suited for monitoring cell movement or location. After loading the cells, the dye is well retained, allowing for multigenerational tracking of cellular movements. The deep red excitation/emission spectra are ideal for multiplexing with green and red fluorescent dyes and proteins.

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• Easy to use—remove medium, add dye, incubate 30 minutes, and image cells
• Fluorescent signal retention of >72 hours (typically three to six generations)
• Red excitation/emission spectra (630/650 nm maxima) ideal for multiplexing
• Low cytotoxicity—does not affect viability or proliferation

The CellTracker™ Deep Red fluorescent dye has been designed to freely pass through cell membranes into cells, where it is transformed into cell-impermeant reaction products. CellTracker™ Deep Red dye is retained in living cells through several generations. The dye is transferred to daughter cells but not adjacent cells in a population. CellTracker™ Deep Red dye is designed to display fluorescence for at least 72 hours, and the dye exhibits ideal tracking properties: it is stable, nontoxic at working concentrations, well retained in cells, and brightly fluorescent at physiological pH. Additionally, the excitation and emission spectra of CellTracker™ Deep Red dye are well separated from GFP (green fluorescent protein) and RFP (red fluorescent protein) spectra allowing for multiplexing.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method: Fluorescent
Excitation/Emission: 630⁄650
For Use With (Equipment): Imaging
Form: Liquid
Reagent Type: Cell Tracker Compounds
Label Type: Other Label(s) or Dye(s)
Label or Dye: CellTracker™ Deep Red
Product Line: CellTracker™

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -30°C), dessicate, and protect from light.