Static evaporation rates and holding times are based on performance, without any product load or lid openings and in a controlled environment. Actual working performance will vary on individual applications.
Thermo Scientific™

CryoExtra™ High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems

Related applications:

Cold Storage

Designed for both liquid and vapor phase storage, the Thermo Scientific™ CryoExtra™ Series features automated temperature monitoring and microprocessor-based LN2 level control, providing peace-of-mind for valuable samples.
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  • CryoExtra accepts both vertical and horizontal racks
  • User comfort features and convenient, built-in workspace
  • Designed for vapor-phase storage
  • Folding step for user comfort
  • Outstanding temperature uniformity
  • Large LED temperature display
  • Lockable lid for sample protection
  • Advanced temperature monitor and alarms
  • Microprocessor-based LN2 level control


0.5 in. 45° flare, 6′ (1.8m) stainless steel flexible hose


22psi low pressure LN2 supply tank (sold separately)

Compatible with:

Ask your customer service representative about racks and accessories for CryoExtra Storage Systems.


Product height clearance: 77 in. for CryoExtra 20 and CryoExtra 40; 88 in. for CryoExtra 80; 93 in. for CryoExtra 94

Ordering Information:

  • Optional racks, canisters, frames and risers allow you to create an organized inventory system that provides optimum storage in liquid or vapor phase. Contact your customer service or sales representative for details.
  • Warranty varies by country, please contact us for details