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Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

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Comply with US EPA guidelines while meeting your own specific monitoring needs with the customizable Thermo Scientific™ Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems. These continuous stack emission monitoring system are designed to meet US EPA 40CFR Parts 60 and 75 standards while providing unsurpassed sensitivity, accuracy and reliability.

We have devoted nearly forty years to perfecting the design and execution of demanding operational and environmental monitoring systems. Our state of the art technologies, along with long-term distinguished industry performance, are qualities incorporated with each delivered system.

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Key Features:

  • A wide variety of gas analyzers, probes, and other critical CEMS components
  • System integration capabilities
  • Standard connectivity options
  • Configurability to measure various combinations of SO2, NOx, CO, TRS, NH3, HCl, THC, continuous monitoring systems, CEMS, EPA, 40 CFR, iMEGA CEMS, Mercury Freedom System, gas analyzers, HG (mercury), CO, O2, PM, H2S, Flow, Opacity
  • Measurement ranges for most criteria pollutants from 0 to 10 ppm to 0 to 10,000 ppm full scale

Additional Information:

  • Systems guaranteed to pass Relative Accuracy Test Audits
  • Wide dynamic range may vary in different applications
  • Custom continuous stack emission monitoring systems available including both Thermo Scientific components and those sourced from other manufacturers

System components can include devices utilizing the following technologies:

  • NDIR - Nondispersive Infrared: Used to measure carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, HCl, and other infrared-absorbing gases
  • Chemiluminescence: For the measurement of nitrogen-based compounds
  • Pulsed Fluorescence: For the determination of SO2
  • FID - Flame Ionization Detection: Measures hydrocarbons to meet the criterion of USEPA Methods 25A and 25B
  • Atomic Fluorescence: The technology utilized by the Mercury Freedom System
  • Transmissometers for opacity monitoring
  • Cross-stack and in-stack ultrasonic monitors for determining flow of gas stream
  • Both full extractive and dilution extractive probes

Compatible with:

  • Mercury Freedom System
  • Custom configurations

Recommended for:

  • Public utilities, refineries, turbines
  • Lime kilns, power boilers, cement kilns, co-generation, incinerators, wood-waste boilers and recovery boilers