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Lindberg/Blue M™ Crucible Furnaces

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Lab Ovens Furnaces
Double-shell construction and variable-density insulation combine to enhance performance over conventional furnaces.

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Forced-air blowers circulate ambient air throughout cabinet to minimize exterior surface temperature. Microprocessor-based independent control systems assure accuracy and repeatability. Controllers (available separately) can be positioned adjacent to or remote from the furnace, permitting furnaces to be used in fume hoods or containment areas, or installed in banks of multiple furnaces with control cabinets centrally located or grouped for easy monitoring and control.

1200°C Furnaces

  • Top-loading models designed for alumina, mullite, quartz, and metallic crucibles
  • Operating temperature range: 100° to 1200°C
  • Unitized heating and insulation element with helical wire coil imbedded in Moldatherm™ insulation for maximum heat transfer to the work load
  • 8 in. (20cm) chamber depth and top opening of 5 or 7.5 in. I.D. (12.7 to 19.0cm), depending on model
  • Chamber cover plug has Moldatherm™ insulation and handle for safe removal
  • Moldatherm insulation also protects vestibule, improving energy efficiency
  • Long-lasting Platinel™ II thermocouple with 10 ft. compensated lead wire and polarized plug provides accurate temperature measurement
  • Moldatherm ceramic fiber hearthplate supports load and protects the furnace from spillage
1700°C Furnace
  • Chamber is accessed top or bottom with manually operated lifting mechanism
  • Operating temperature range: 100° to 1700°C
  • Three methods of processing: air, controlled atmosphere, or vertical tube orientation using an interchangeable vestibule as an insulating sleeve (requires vertical tube adaptation kit)
  • Long-life molybdenum disilicide heating elements resist thermal shock, withstand rapid cycling over extended periods
  • Graduated-density Moldatherm insulation combined with a unique right-angle bend heating element (sidewall mounted) delivers excellent chamber uniformity, fast heat-up and recovery, and energy-conserving performance
  • Work load can be raised and lowered conveniently and safely
  • Individual elements easily replaceable without matching resistance values
  • Elements mounted on four sides of chamber for fast response and recovery
  • Long-life Type B thermocouple for accurate high temperature measurement
  • With 10 ft. (8m) compensated lead wire and polarized plug

Actual performance may vary depending on load, chamber size, sample placement, ambient temperature and environmental conditions.

  • Ashing
  • Sintering
  • Crystallizing
  • Annealing
  • Fusion
  • Tempering and hardening
  • Atmosphere processing


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