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CIDI3710D-UV Intensified Solid-State Camera

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Thermo Scientific™ CIDI3710D-UV is a gated intensified UV-sensitive, CID-based camera consisting of CID3710D solid-state RS-170 camera, fiberoptically coupled to 18mm second generation UV-sensitive microchannel plate image intensifier. Solid-state video monochrome video camera features a 2:1 interlace-scanned 776(H) x 512(V) CID array with 12 x 13.7 micron pixels in a compact remote head connected to the Camera Control Unit via flexible cable supplied to length.
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Versatile camera head-mounting feature simplifies installation in small spaces. Standard “C” mount lens adapter provides back-focus adjustments.
  • Features superior anti-blooming performance, command stop motion to capture and read asynchronous high-speed events in center frame, and frame integration for time-lapse exposure
  • Additional standard features include internal adjustments which allow for control of black level setup, edge enhancement and 2x/4x video gain boost
  • GENII-UV tube has an S-20 photocathode with suprasil input window for optimal ultraviolet response and is equipped with photocathode gating, permitting shutter intervals as short as 50ns allowing for automatic shutter control
  • Gate generator circuit may be operated using external TTL level gating pulses or the internally generated gate signals which may be manually controlled via control knobs or the “Autogate” control function
  • Image intensifier uses an extremely low-noise photocathode, sensitive to the spectral region from 190nm to at least 700nm
  • Camera features a 2:1 interlace scan 776(H) x 512(V) CID array with 12 x 13.7micron pixels in a compact remote head connected to the camera control unit via flexible 2m cable
  • Charge Injection Device (CID) Imager Technology
  • 18mm DEP GENII UV image intensifier Sensitivity 5 x 10-7 fc at 250nm
  • Typical 12,000X light gain
  • UV response Auto gate/gain with manual control
  • High-speed gating to 50ns minimum RS-170 interlace scanning format 4:3 aspect, contiguous pixels
  • Precise edge detection
  • Selectable 2X, 4X video gain boost

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Options include digital control, optical coupling, Autogate/Autogain only, Progressive Scan, and CCIR format. Contact Thermo Scientific for additional application-specific and custom modifications.

Recommended for:

  • Low light level and UV inspection and measurement
  • Remote gauging, metrology
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Research
  • Machine vision
  • Spectroscopy