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CIDI8710D1M-UV Intensified Radiation Hardened Camera

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Thermo Scientific™ CIDI8710D1M-UV is a gated, intensified, CID-based camera consisting of a CID8710D1M radiation-hardened solid state RS-170 camera, fiber optically coupled to high performance GENII-UV image intensifier tube from DEP. Solid-state video monochrome video camera features a 2:1 interlace-scanned 776(H) x 512(V) CID array with 12 x 13.7 micron (4:3 aspect) pixels in a compact remote head connected to the Camera Control Unit via flexible cable supplied to length.
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Versatile camera head-mounting feature simplifies installation in small spaces. Standard “C” mount lens adapter provides back-focus adjustments.
  • Standard camera features include internal adjustments which allow for control of black level setup, edge enhancement, 1/2x and 4x video gain boost
  • Features a 2:1 Interlace scanned 776(H) x 512(V) CID array with 12 x 13.7 micron pixels in a compact remote head connected to the camera control unit via flexible cable supplied to length
  • CID structure is inherently radiation resistant, and with specific modifications to the CID process, has been radiation hardened
  • Camera is tolerant to gamma, neutron, high-energy electrons, and proton radiation
  • Since pixel charge readout is within the CID pixel, there is limited potential of single event disruptions common with other imaging technologies
  • Gate generator circuit may be operated using external TTL level gating pulses or internally generated gate signals
  • Signals can be manually controlled via control knobs or the “Autogate” control function
  • Image intensifier has wide spectral sensitivity and high MTF at low and intermediate spatial frequencies allowing superb resolution
  • GENII-UV has an S-20 photocathode with a Suprasil (Quartz) input window to resist browning in radiation environments, and is equipped with photocathode gating permitting shutter intervals as short as 100ns allowing for automatic shutter control
  • Charge Injection Device (CID) Rad Hard Imager Technology
  • Camera radiation tolerance 1 x 106 Rad Total Dose (gamma)
  • Excellent Image at 7 x 105 rads/hr
  • 18mm DEP GENII-UV image intensifier
  • Sensitivity 5 x 10-7 fc at 250nm
  • Typical 12,000X light gain
  • High resolution, high MTF
  • Auto gate/gain with manual control
  • RS-170 interlace scanning format
  • 4:3 aspect, contiguous pixels
  • Precise edge detection Selectable 1/2x, 2x video gain boost

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Options include optical coupling, Autogate/Autogain only, RS-170 format with Square Pixels, Progressive Scan format and CCIR format. Contact Thermo Scientific for additional application-specific and custom modifications.

Recommended for:

  • Low light level inspection and measurement
  • Remote gauging, metrology
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Research
  • Neutron Imaging
  • Spectroscopy