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Brilliance™ UTI Clarity™ Agar (Dehydrated)

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Clinical Microbiology

Easily isolate, enumerate, and presumptively identify common organisms associated with urinary tract infections using Thermo Scientific™ Brilliance™ UTI Clarity™ Agar. Organisms are differentiated through the utilization of two chromogenic substrates and/or tryptophan.
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The Brilliance UTI Clarity Agar formulation contains two chromogenic substrates which are cleaved by the ß-galactosidase and ß-glucosidase enzymes produced by E. coli, Enterococcus species, and coliforms. These specific enzyme reactions cleave the chromogens, giving a range of diagnostic colors. This medium targets the same enzymes as other chromogenic agar: Part No. CM1050B, Chromogenic UTI medium. However, to do so, new and more specific chromogens have been incorporated. The new chromogens provide improved reactions, enabling even easier differentiation of organism groups:

  • Easy-to-read: the ß-galactosidase activity of E. coliand S. saprophyticus results in pink/pale pink colonies, and the ß-glucosidase activity of enterococci produces blue/turquoise colonies; the activity of both enzymes on coliforms gives dark blue/purple colonies. Tryptophan deaminase activity produces a brown halo around colonies of Proteus, Morganella, and Providencia species. Most other organisms exhibit their natural pigmentation
  • Reduced confirmatory tests: the specificity of Brilliance UTI Clarity Agar minimises confirmatory testing
  • Rapid: same day results for E. coli confirmation being achieved using rapid indole test (DMAC) (Part No. MB1448A)

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For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.