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Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Agar (ISO) (Dehydrated)

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Industrial Microbiology

Detect and enumerate Chronobacter sakazakii in milk and milk samples as described in ISO TS/22964:20171 with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Agar (ISO) (Dehydrated) when used in conjunction with mDFI/vancomycin medium (CM1122 and SR0247E). A chromogenic substrate present in the medium detects a-glucosidase reaction in Cronobacter sakazakii. The enzyme a-glucosidase, present in Chronobacter sakazakii, hydrolyses the substrate producing blue-green colonies on this medium.

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Cronobacter sakazakii is a Gram-negative rod shaped bacterium that rarely causes disease in healthy adults. It has been implicated in outbreaks of disease in premature infants (neonates). Research suggest that neonates, or those infants who have other medical conditions, are more susceptible to this infection. Most reported cases of infection are severe, including sepsis (bacteria in the blood), meningitis, or necrotizing enterocolitis (severe intestinal infection).

Use Cronobacter sakazakii Isolation Agar for differentiation and enumeration of Cronobacter sakazakii from infant formula and other food samples.

  • Selective: due to the presence of Sodium desoxycholate and crystal violet the medium is selective against most Gram-positive organisms.
  • Easy-to-read: Cronobacter sakazakii produces blue-green colonies on this medium.

Cronobacter spp. have been isolated at low levels from powdered infant formulae, and the organisms’ high tolerance to desiccation provides a competitive advantage in the dry environments of milk powder factories, increasing the risk of product contamination1.

In response to concerns over this pathogen, a collaborative technical specification for the detection of Cronobacter in milk and milk products was jointly issued by ISO and the IDF, as ISO/TS22964:20171. This recommended pre-enrichment in BPW, selective enrichment in mLST/vancomycin broth and plating on Enterobacter sakazakii Isolation Agar. Positive colonies are confirmed on the basis of sugar utilisation, decarboxylase activity, as well as yellow pigmentation.

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For Laboratory Use Only

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