Thermo Scientific™

Colormark™ Plus Adhesion Slides

Related applications:

Anatomical Pathology

View etched patient information with higher visibility with the contrasting background color of Thermo Scientific™ Colormark™ Slides and Colormark Plus™ Adhesion Microscope Slides when used with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ MicroWriter™ Slide Labeler and TBS Shur/Mark™ Slide Labeler. Colormark and Colormark Plus slides feature a 3/4 in. Superfrost or Colorfrost tab on the front with a contrasting dark tab on the back side of the slide so that the slides can be permanently etched with automated slide etching instruments. Colormark Plus Adhesion Microscope Slides hold tissue sections on permanently without the need for expensive coatings in IHC and Anatomical Pathology applications.

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  • Colormark and Colormark Plus etchable tabs are impervious to virtually all common laboratory chemicals and reagents
  • Each slide is precision ground to a smooth finish on all four edges for user safety and to minimize jamming of automated etchers
  • Allow grouping of slides according to patient, urgency, staining or testing method
  • Manufactured from pure, water-white glass
  • Precleaned for immediate use
  • Packed 72 slides per box, 20 boxes per case
  • Available in 10 color combinations for both Colormark and Colormark Plus.
  • For use in histology, cytology, hematology, and microbiology applications

Shur/Mark is a registered trademark of Triangle Biomedical