Thermo Scientific™

COBOS Coal Blend Optimization System

Satisfy customer specifications for high quality coal blends while achieving more cost-effective, efficient operations . The Thermo Scientific™ COBOS Coal Blend Optimization System controls coal sorting and coal blending equipment with software that continuously monitors coal quality. The system blends up to six coal sources to make a "recipe" consisting of up to five quality parameters, such as ash, sulfur, moisture or even ash oxides or ratios of ash oxides. Blend recipes can be predefined for different quality targets and priorities while using fewer high cost or scarce coal resources.
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The COBOS Coal Blend Optimization System complements Thermo Scientific™ online coal analyzers.

Main Features
  • Automated graphics interface plots the control parameters specified by the current recipe. Information on current analysis, product name and percent of load completed are shown on the same page.
  • Automates the weight averaging of the MAF calorific value, bound moisture and other ash constituents of all coal sources being blended.
  • Allows the operator to specify critical feeder information, including the delay time from each feeder to the analyzer, the maximum and minimum capacity of the feeders and how rapidly the feeder output is allowed to change.
  • Compensates for errors in quality assumptions and reported weights from each source during blending operations.
  • Main screen displays all the key inputs to and outputs from the system, along with trend lines on actual coal quality for each of the control parameters.
Manual Mode
  • Sends blend recommendations to operator through console screen.
  • Operator is responsible for acting on control values.
Automatic Mode
  • Sends feeder control requests to control system.
  • Control system controls the feed from the sources based on COBOS-generated values.
  • COBOS accepts constraints on flow rate from any source as well as minimum and maximum values on all control parameters.