Thermo Scientific™

SX30 Portable Dual Frequency Doppler Flowmeter

Operate in a broader range of applications using Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology with digital signal processing. The Thermo Scientific™ SX30 flowmeter combines patented dual frequency Doppler (DFD) technology with digital signal processing to create an industry leading measurement device for fluids that contain particulate.
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  • Slurries
  • Primary Sludge
  • Dredging
  • Activated Sludge

Accurate & Reliable
Dual Frequency Doppler (DFD) technology enables the SX30 flowmeter to operate in what were previously considered marginal applications for Doppler flowmeters. Unlike conventional Doppler flowmeters, which operate at a single frequency, the SX30 flowmeter generates two independent ultrasonic signals at different frequencies. By correlating these frequencies, the instrument identifies
and eliminates noise errors from sources such as variable frequency drives.
Application Specific
Operation of the SX30 flowmeter is enhanced by an Expert System which allows the flowmeter to automatically “learn” the application parameters. As a result, the SX30 flowmeter can be setup in four easy steps and at a fraction of the time necessary to configure competitive flowmeters.
Durable & Easy-to-Use
The design features a sealed membrane keypad making the unit fully weatherproof.
Large keys make it easy to enter data and navigate the on-screen menu—even with
gloved hands.
Features & Benefits
  • Accuracy to ±1%
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • IP66 environmental sealing
  • Up to 24 hour battery operation
  • Powerful 90,000 point data logger
  • Serial interface port for data retrieval via HydraScan software
  • Universal AC adapter charging socket