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CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening (HCS) Platform

Catalog number: CX51110
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Thermo Scientific™

CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening (HCS) Platform

Catalog number: CX51110
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The Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening (HCS) Platform is a fast, simple-to operate, automated cellular imaging and analysis benchtop platform designed for quantitative microscopy. The CellInsight CX5 HCS Platform offers a cost effective, but powerful way to quickly automate quantitative cellular and subcellular imaging.

Features of the CellInsight CX5 HCS Platform

• Easy to Use—quickly build and optimize image-based assays with included Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software
• Flexible—designed to work with or without fluorescent labeling: The CellInsight CX5 HCS Platform can use transmitted light, as well as fluorescence, to allow users to focus on visible and/or fluorescent targets
• Affordable—automated high content imaging for all budgets
• High quality optics—Light sources, lenses, filters, and CCD detector from the top names in imaging. The five color light engine insures accuracy and stability of source lighting.
• Virtually maintenance–free operation due to state-of-the-art design and construction.
• Performance—scan and analyze a 96-well plate in under four minutes
• Compact—fits on a bench and is less than 2 ft. on all sides


• Make intracellular to multicellular morphology measurements while measuring intensity of specific reporter molecules.
• Collect only the images and data you select and make multiple measurements per object, over time, if desired
• Measure subpopulations and reject undesired objects automatically
• Comprehensive pre-validated and user configurable image analysis without user scripting or programming
• Exploratory assay development tools and specific biology optimized tools built into the HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software
• Define biological thresholds for outputs based on control populations
• Ability to create multi-parameter gates from individual output measurements

Hardware and Software:

• Stable, reliable light source reduces variability, increases data quality, and decreases operating costs
• Fluorescence options which include near-IR wavelength and compatibility with many common fluorochromes and fluorescent proteins
• • Proprietary Thermo Scientific™ AccuFocus™ System is fast, yet flexible, for imaging cells, organelles, and low contrast targets
• Unique intelligent acQuisition (iQ) real time analysis feedback to optimize image collection and data quality
• HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software is an integrated instrument control, visualization and analysis software package for novice to advanced users
• Features Thermo Scientific™ Store Express Image and Database Software using a 10GB SQL™ database
• Software output features image/data portability so results can be imported into third-party software for documentation
• Compatible with SBS standard microplates (6-1536 well) and slides

Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Orbitor RS Plate Mover and other Thermo Scientific™ Laboratory Automation Solutions
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line
CeLLInsight™ CX5 High Content Screening Platform with HCS Studio Cell Analysis Software and Store Express
For Use With (Equipment)
Thermo Scientific™ Orbitor™ RS Plate Mover
Green, Blue, Near-Infrared, Far-Red, Red
Detection Method
Brightfield, Fluorescent
Slide(s), 96-well plate, 384-well plate, 6-well plate, 1536-well plate, 8 wells, 24-well plate
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible, Multiplexing, Automated Protocols
740⁄809, 560⁄607, 485⁄521, 386⁄440, 650⁄694
Additional Objectives Available, Low and High NA, Single Position 2x-20x
CCD Camera, LED, solid-state 5-color light engine
Data Outputs
JPG Files, TIFF Files, PNG Files, C01, BMP, BIN, PZFX, ICE, GIF Files, DIB, CSV, FCS 3.1, XLSX
24in High-resolution widescreen monitor
Operating System
Windows 7
Windows 7™ 64-bit PC with quad core 3.7GHz processor, 8GB RAM, and 500GB Hard Drive
Software Compatibility
Thermo Scientific™ Store™ Image and Database Management Software, Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Cell Analysis Software
Operating Environment
Permissible ambient temperature range during operation : + 18 deg C to + 25 deg C, Permissible relative humidity during operation (noncondensing): > 75% at 30 deg C
41.4 cm (16.3 in) (W) x 37.2 cm (14.6 in) (H) x 59.4 cm (23.4 in) (D)
Weight (Metric)
45 kg
300 W


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