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Locator™ Cryogenic Rack and Box Systems

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Cold Storage

Retrieve cell samples quickly and easily using Thermo Scientific™ Locator™ Cryogenic Rack and Box Systems, which feature a unique hanging rack and gridded box design, advanced vacuum insulation, unmatched temperature uniformity and an innovative liquid nitrogen monitor.
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  • Compact design minimizes space requirements while maximizing storage capacity.
  • System is suited for both manual and computerized inventory record-keeping methods.
  • Super-insulated vessels have special, narrow-mouth design that conserves liquid nitrogen by minimizing evaporation.
  • Samples are stored below -180°C, even when less than 2 in. (5cm) of liquid nitrogen remains in the vessel.
  • Ultrasonic Level Monitor safeguards irreplaceable samples with minimal liquid nitrogen evaporation and conduction.
  • Advanced vacuum insulation minimizes liquid nitrogen evaporation and reduces operating costs
  • Optional monitor provides continuous LED readout of liquid nitrogen level; activates visual and audible alarms when level falls below safe range of approximately 1 in. (2.5cm).
  • Optional alarm also alerts operator in the event of excessive liquid nitrogen loss.
  • Secure locking hasp prevents unauthorized entry.

Locator Jr.:

  • Static holding time: 70 days
  • 1600 (100/box)
  • Evaporation rate: 0.85L/day

Locator 4:

  • Static holding time: 112 days
  • 3600 (100/box)
  • Evaporation rate: 0.99L/day

Locator 8:

  • Static holding time: 185 days
  • 1800 (25/box)
  • Evaporation rate: 0.6L/day


Stainless steel indexed racks that fit into corresponding locations in the vessel. Each rack has individual storage compartments that hold one Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Cryogenic Storage Box.


Nalgene Cryogenic Storage Boxes (order separately). Each box has individually numbered storage areas for use with vials sized 2.0mL and smaller.


Stated capacities are for Nalgene 1.2/2.0mL cryogenic vials.

Compatible with:

  • Boxes, Nalgene, 2 in. for 1.0 and 1.5mL vials, 100 vials per box, case of 10 (CS509X24)
  • Boxes, Nalgene, 2 in. for 2mL vials, 81 vials per box, case of 40 (CS509X4); case of 20 (CS509X5)
  • Boxes, Nalgene, 4 in. for 5mL vials, 81 vials per box, each (CS509X10)
  • CryoClaw™ (AY509X18)
  • Cups, Suction, 2 replacements for CryoClaw (AY509X19)
  • Logbook (LT509X5)
  • Level Monitor, customer-installed: CN509X3 (120V, Jr.); CN509X6 (120V, 4); CN509X9 (120V, 8); CN509X1 (220V, Jr.); CN509X4 (220V, 4); CN509X7 (220V, 8)
  • Rack, for 5.0mL vials (does not include boxes) (HR509X19A)
  • Vials, 1mL, case of 500 (AY509X32)
  • Vials, Cryogenic, 1.2mL, case of 500, 1.2mL (AY509X13)
  • Vials, 1.5mL, case of 500 (AY509X33)
  • Vials, Cryogenic, 2.0mL, case of 500, 2.0mL (AY509X12)
  • Warranty varies by country, please contact us for details