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qualyfast™ Legionella PCR and DNA Extraction Kits

Detect both Legionella species and Legionella pneumophila from water samples with this rapid, sensitive and specific solution enabled by the qualyfast® Legionella PCR Assay, Free DNA Inactivator, DNA Extraction and Quantification Standards kits.The assay independently detects both Legionella species and L. pneumophilia, includes inhibition control to minimize false-negative results, and offers the option for quantification by using calibrated standards. All consumables required for the workflow are included within the kits, with lyophilized and pre-dosed PCR reagents for ease-of-use.
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Minimizes false negatives

  • Free DNA Inactivator removes DNA from non-viable sources commonly found in environmental water samples.
  • DNA Extraction Kits remove environmental contaminants minimizing potential inhibition effects.
  • PCR Assays with simultaneous co-amplification of an Internal Application Control allowing determination of potential inhibition effects.

Increases accuracy

  • Quantification Standards enable PCR detection of Legionella species to be quantified within the 25-25,000 Genomic Unit range.
  • Increases throughput: Multiplexed PCR of the characteristic DNA sequences for species within the Legionella genus and the specific species L. pneumophilia.


  • PCR Assay kits contain strips with eight reaction tubes containing lyophilized PCR reagents, DNA free solution and pre-dosed positive-control tubes.
  • Quantification Standards are pre-aliquoted and lyophilized in individual tubes.
  • DNA Extraction Kits contain all the consumables required to extract DNA from environmental water samples.

Optimized workflow

  • Complete end-to-end workflow covering sample preparation using DNA Extraction Kits and Free DNA Inactivator, detection using multiplex Legionella PCR Assay and evaluation of results using Quantification Standards
  • ISO compliant: workflow is compliant with the protocol, experimental design and calculation methods described by ISO/TS 12869:2012

The qualyfast® Legionella PCR Assay contains:

  •  Pre-dosed and lyophilized PCR reagents in strips of 8 reaction tubes
  • A strip of 8 reaction tubes containing positive controls
  • DNA-free solution

The qualyfast® DNA Extraction Kit I
is designed for use with clear water samples, as acquired from water distribution systems, drinking water and other sources that contain minimal suspended particles. The kit contains:

  • Single-use, sterile membrane filters
  • Lysis buffer for enhanced isolation of microorganisms from filter membranes
  • Lysis enzyme for DNA extraction

The qualyfast® DNA Extraction Kit II
is designed for use with dirty water, biofilm and sediment samples. The kit contains:

  • Single-use, sterile membrane filters
  • Pre-lysis buffer
  • Lysis solution & bead beating lysis tubes
  • Spin filter
  • Post-lysis filtration columns and reagents
  • All collection tubes required for sample handling during extraction

The qualyfast® Free DNA Inactivator Kit contains:

  • DNA inactivation enzyme (lyophilized)
  • DNA inactivation buffers

The qualyfast® Legionella Quantification Standards Kit contains:

  • Four different quantified standards, each packaged in strips of 8 reaction tubes, enabling 8 analysis sessions
  • DNA-free solution for reconstitution of lyophilized reagents and negative-control

The qualyfast® Legionella workflow is compatible with the Applied Biosystems™ 7500 Fast Food Safety Real-Time PCR System or Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 5 Food Safety Real-Time PCR System.

For Laboratory Use
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