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Dry-Bags™ ONE Broth Listeria

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Industrial Microbiology

Save time in preparing bulk media and diluents for food microbiology testing using Thermo Scientific™ Dry-Bags™ ONE Broth Listeria. The irradiated media is supplied in lightweight, transparent plastic bags — just add water and the medium is ready for use. Each bag makes 20L of medium, which can be dispensed through the outlet tube.
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Use Oxoid Novel Enrichment (ONE) Broth-Listeria for the selective enrichment and isolation of Listeria species from food samples. Recovery of Listeria spp. after 24 hours using ONE Broth-Listeria has been shown to be comparable, and in some cases better, than using the ISO 11290-1 combined Fraser and Half Fraser broth enrichment procedure. ONE Broth-Listeria offers the benefit of requiring a single enrichment medium at one temperature with no need to sub-culture into a secondary enrichment broth. Listeria recovery levels at 24 hours are at least equivalent to the ISO enrichment method and, in some cases, are improved.

  • Quick and easy to prepare — just add deionized water through filter sterilization to each Dry-Bag, and they are ready to use in minutes. Pre-sterilized water can also be added under aseptic conditions.

  • Light to transport — there is no weighing of media or sterilization required, reducing the burden on media preparation departments and equipment.

  • No handling of glassware or weighing of culture media required, no need to add supplementary reagents — empty bags can be disposed of with normal laboratory waste.

Quality Guaranteed 
  • Quality certificates are available for every batch to help reduce the burden of QC testing.

  • Dry-Bags are easily adaptable to laboratory workflows and equipment such as automated diluters.

  • Dry-Bags are easy to fill and dispense with minimum training.

  • Conveniently packed in flat boxes of five or ten, Dry-Bags take up relatively little space compared to prepared media and can be made up as required.

Re-hydrated Dry-Bags medium can be stored for 3 days at room temp (away from strong light sources) and are available with filters attached for convenience or without filters as a lower-cost option. For those Dry-Bags supplied without filters, autoclavable, reusable filters are also available (DB0200A). For added convenience, it is recommended that the Dry-Bags be filled using the Thermo Scientific Peristaltic Pump (DB2000A or DB3000A) and dispensed using the Thermo Scientific Automated Diluter (DB4000A).

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