Thermo Scientific™

DiluFlux™ Pro Automated Gravimetric Dilutor

Accurately dispense broth medium into suitable containers for food testing using the Thermo Scientific™ DiluFlux™ Pro Automated Gravimetric Dilutor. DiluFlux Pro Dilutors are compact, easy-to-use, and designed to deliver precise quantities of diluents rapidly with the touch of a button, so that you can work more confidently and accurately. When combined with the Thermo Scientific™ Peristaltic Pump and Thermo Scientific™ Homogenizer, your lab bench will be equipped with a flexible automated culture media solution to increase your productivity.
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Automate the dilution step of your Thermo Scientific™ Dry-Bags™ Enrichment Media, as well as other formats, for maximum efficiency. The easy-to-use DiluFlux Pro Gravimetric Dilutors allow the simultaneous use of two diluents by having dual dispensing heads that are fed by dual peristaltic pumps mounted into the unit.
  • Intuitive: simply press two keys, “tare” and “go”, and the DiluFlux Pro Dilutor will automatically dilute your sample to the desired dilution factor
  • Accurate: featuring Watson-Marlow™ peristaltic pumps, high-tech flow regulators, and top of the line weighing platforms for trusted reproducibility and repeatability
  • Versatile: compatible with many prepared media formats, the easy-to clean, stainless steel DiluFlux Pro Dilutor is an ideal fit for any food testing laboratory
  • High-quality: the DiluFlux Pro Dilutors are ISO 7218, ISO 6887-1, FDA BAM-compliant and are made in France under ISO 9001:2008 certification
Not all products are available for sale in all territories. Please inquire.
For testing of Food and Environmental samples only.
Technical details:
Dilution time: <9 secs. for 225mL with booster pump in FAST mode
Dilution factor: 1/2 to 1/99
Weighing - 0-100g +/- 0.05g, 100g-7.0kg +/-0.1%
Dilution - >98% FAST mode, >99% STANDARD/ACCURATE mode