Thermo Scientific

DM5018 Continuous Particulate Monitor

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Thermo Scientific™ DM5018 continuous particulate monitor, as an outdoor analyzer, uses beta attenuation technology as well as reliable iSeries platform to monitor the ambient particulate concentration in real time. The measurement technology meets the requirements of ambient particulate monitoring of both China MEP and US EPA. The robust outdoor design makes DM5018 a perfect monitor to be installed in construction site to on-line measure construction dust, which can help standardize construction behaviors and improve the air quality around.
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  • Continuously, non-stepwise beta attenuation technology to measure particulate concentration in real time 
  • IP55 outdoor enclosure with air conditioning system making analyzer operating under controlled environment
  • Sleeve to protect heating tube and connected to flange on top of enclosure
  • Inner chamber to protect analyzing part
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Detector battery and inner stabilizer to protect monitor from power interrupt and unsteady
  • Measurements are traceable