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DNA Purification System

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Lab Automation

Boost walkaway time, reduce human error, increase throughput and improve sample processing uniformity. The Thermo Scientific™ DNA Purification System is an automation tool for bead based methods using magnetic particles. It automates all steps involved in the purification of DNA samples: binding of DNA to magnetic beads, washing of the bound material, elution from the solid phase and transfer to a final destination plate.

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  • High throughput (up to 14, 96-well microplates/hour)
  • Proven reliability
  • Uses well-established DNA purification protocols
  • Adaptable to any magnetic bead based separation method
  • Unattended 24 hour operation and remote monitoring
  • Polara™ Open Architecture Laboratory Automation Software
  • User friendly and data safe
  • Flexible method development
  • Sophisticated error detection and recovery
  • Detailed audit records
  • Standard system holds 120 (96-well) sample microplates and 120 (96-well) output microplates
  • Dispenser provides bulk dispensing of three reagents and transfer of magnetic beads from stirred reservoir


Standard lab table (2.00 × 2.44m) ; F3 robot system (6 axes of motion) ; Servo Gripper with Microplate Fingers; Magnetic Bead Settling Stations (four) ; 120 Plate Carousel; Microplate Feeding Stations (120-plate capacity); Dispenser with bead dispensing module; Plate Delidder with barcode reader; Microplate Shaker with pneumatic lock for reliable plate placement and retrieval (four stations); Biotek EL 405 Plate Washer (96-well with bead settling plate); Robbins Hydra-96™ Pipettor with bead settling plate; Polara™ software and instrument interfaces; Pentium™ III PC (or higher), 17in. Monitor, Windows™ NT

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Optional Components

  • Refrigerated Carousel (120-plate capacity, 0° to 20°C) Vacuum Filtration Station