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QuickBag™ Half Fraser Broth

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Save time in preparing selective enrichment for the isolation of Listeria spp. from food and environmental samples using Thermo Scientific™ QuickBag™ Half Fraser Broth. The irradiated medium is supplied in transparent plastic bags—simply pop the seal to mix the water and medium segments to reconstitute in two minutes. QuickBag Enrichment Media are available in 2.7L and 4.5L sizes to suit your workflow. Medium can be dispensed through the outlet tube as required.

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Shorten your workflow with easy-to-prepare QuickBag Enrichment Media. Ready-to-go when you are, the bags are highly adaptable to laboratory workflows and automated equipment, such as dilutors, with no further supplementation required.

no need for weighing of media or sterilization, reducing the burden of media preparation, which frees up resources and equipment. Unprepared QuickBag Enrichment Media can be kept for up to 24 months.

Flexible: ready to reconstitute in two minutes by segment merging.

Easy-to-use: easy to reconstitute and dispense with minimum training.

Safe: eliminate handling of glassware, weighing of culture media, and the need to add supplementary reagents. Empty bags can be disposed of with normal laboratory waste.

Quality guaranteed: compliant with ISO 11133 and ISO 7218. Quality certificates are available for every batch, reducing the QC testing required.

Energy saving: gamma irradiated, eliminating the need for costly thermal processing.

For added convenience, it is recommended that QuickBag Enrichment Media are dispensed using the Thermo Scientific Automated Diluter (DB4150A).

Half Fraser Broth is a modification of the USDA-FSIS UVM secondary enrichment broth and is based on the formula described by Fraser and Sperber1. Blackening of the medium is presumptive evidence of the presence of Listeria spp. All Half Fraser Broth enrichment cultures should be subcultured to plating medium.
1. Fraser J.A. and Sperber W.H. (1988) J. Food Protect. 51, No.10, 762-765.
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