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Make colony counting for the bacterial assessment of urine simple with the easily disposable Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Dip-Slides™ Clinical. Simple and safe for an unskilled operator to use, these dip slides are coated on both sides with a solid culture medium with the opportunity for different media to be carried on each side, making the process time- and cost-effective. This sterile dip slide can be inoculated in the ward or doctor’s surgery and then returned to its plastic container for easy transport back to the laboratory.
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Previous methods of detecting urinary tract infections depended on freshly voided urine being delivered promptly to a bacteriological laboratory for examination, either immediately or after a short period of refrigerated storage. The dip slide was developed as a logical extension of this method, using a microscope slide coated on each side with a different culture medium. With these dip slides, larger areas of media can be used for bacterial assessment of urine, making them time- and cost-effective.

  • Slide is made of easily disposable plastic with raised edges to ensure an even thickness of culture medium
  • Molded grid allows for easier colony counting
  • Slide is shaped to ensure drainage of fluid from the slide
  • Cap forms a convenient handle by which it may be held without risk of touching the culture medium
  • Bacteria chart is included, make examining growth simple for the operator and where laboratory facilities are limited

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