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DHX™ Heat Exchanger BioProcess Container (BPC), ASI™ 26/77 film, ReadyMate connections, drain ports, four 6-L BPCs

Catalog number:  DX00013I

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The Thermo Scientific™ DHX™ Heat Exchanger Single-Use BioProcess Container (BPC) is a 2D system consisting of four 6 L BPCs, with drain. It is composed of Thermo Scientific™ ASI™ 26/77 Polyethylene Film, with interconnecting C-Flex tubing and ReadyMate DAC end connections. The DHX Heat Exchanger and DHX BPC each features a serpentine pattern, creating a sterile fluid path for the process fluid. The BPC fits tightly between the stainless steel DHX Heat Exchanger plate system, and after loading, no further operator interaction is required. The customer has the option of utilizing up to 4 BPCs in the DHX unit.

• Eliminates post-use cleaning steps required with reusable containers, helping to reduce cross-contamination risks
• Provides sterile processing environment without the cost and time of clean-in-place or steam-in-place sterilization (CIP/SIP)
• Minimizes bioburden by using the DHX Heat Exchanger unit and DHX BPCs to address weak points in a CIP system or sanitation process (typically required for stainless steel equipment)
• Reduces maintenance and life cycle cost due to its unique design
• Increases volume capacity via parallel connection between DHX units

• cGMP commercial and clinical biotherapeutics, vaccines, and other biologic processes
• Upstream applications, including media hold, harvest cooling, and harvest hold
• Downstream applications, including harvest hold, buffers, protein purification, and bulk drug substance


Dimensions: Each BPC: 62.2 x 61.9 cm (24.5 x 24.4 in.)
Film Description: ASI™ 26/77
For Use With (Equipment): DHX1001
Material: Polyethylene
Outer Packaging: Two 4-mil. poly bags
Port Detail: ReadyMate DAC connectors and drain port
Product Line: DHX
Product Size: 4 x 6 L
Protective Inner Packaging: Protective material around rough areas
Quantity: 1
Recommended Storage: Ambient
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Sterilization Method: gamma-irradiated
Tubing Style: C-Flex, ID x OD: 0.64 x 12.7 cm (0.25 x 0.5 in.)
Volume (Metric): 24 L

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.