Thermo Scientific™

DXS11 High Resoultion Mini-focus X-Ray Source

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Radiation Detection Measurement

Inspect the details of your electronic components and PCB assemblies with high resolution, distortion-free images. The Thermo Scientific™ DXS11 High-Resolution MiniFocus X-Ray Source features a side-window x-ray tube designed for high performance in compact X-Ray systems. With near-microfocus resolution in a small, low cost package, you can be sure you are getting the most efficient X-Ray source for non-destructive industrial inspection. The compact package and robust design are also ideal for life sciences and medical fluoroscopy.
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The DXS11 High-Resolution MiniFocus X-Ray Source is specifically designed for low cost applications requiring moderate to high-resolution imaging of electronic assemblies and components, CT imaging for industrial and life sciences applications, and medical fluoroscopy.   

  • X-Ray tube, power supply, and control electronics in one compact package with both digital and analog interfaces make system integration easy
  • Simple, robust design for easy installation and long life
  • 80kV model with 30 micron spot for high resolution electronics imaging
  • 50 kV 25 Watt model for life sciences and plastic component imaging
  • Digital interface displays diagnostics and operating logs. Source can be operated with the supplied graphical user interface or with customer generated software.
  • Auto-conditioning ramps source up slowly as required by the time source has been off.

Recommended for:

  • Manual and automated inspection of printed circuit boards and electronic devices
  • Nondestructive test requiring high-resolution imaging of metal and plastic parts
  • Micro-CT imaging for industrial and life sciences applications
  • Medical fluoroscopy