Thermo Scientific™

Elite PCTS pH / Conductivity / TDS / Salinity Pocket Testers and Replacement Sensors

Thermo Scientific™ Elite testers are pocket-sized testers designed to provide on-the-go measurements for a variety of applications including homebrew beer and wine, food and beverage, hydroponics, aquaculture and aquariums, agriculture, pools and spas, environmental monitoring, education and more. The Elite PCTS pocket testers are ideal for flexible on-the-go pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity and temperature testing in a compact, travel-ready design.
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Elite Pocket Testers offer flexible on-the-go electrochemical testing. Choose the Elite PCTS model to measure pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids (TDS) or salinity with temperature for a wide range of applications. Elite pocket testers are durable, with a large backlit screen, one-touch calibration feature and replaceable sensor heads. They are ideal for testing beverages including homebrew beer and wine, food, hydroponics, aquaculture and aquariums, environmental monitoring and more.

  • Flexible testing option
  • Measure pH, conductivity, TDS or salinity with temperature
  • Large back-lit graphic display
  • Uses 4 x AAA alkaline batteries
  • Average 150 hours of battery life
  • Wide leak-proof cap serves as stable base
  • Replaceable sensors
  • One-year warranty for tester
  • Six-month warranty for replacement sensors