E-PAGE™ Loading Buffer 1

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Protein Electrophoresis & Western Blotting

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The E-PAGE™ High-Throughput (HTP) Protein Electrophoresis System is the only system available for fast, bufferless, high-throughput protein analysis. It consists of E-PAGE™ 96 gels, E-Base™ integrated devices, the E-Holder™ platform, and the free E-Editor™ 2.0 software.

E-PAGE™ 96 Gels
E-PAGE™ 96 gels (Table 1) are self-contained, pre-cast gels that include a gel matrix and electrodes packaged inside a disposable, UV-transparent cassette. Each E-PAGE™ 96 gel contains 96 sample lanes and 8 marker lanes in a patented staggered well format with a 1.6-cm run length (Figure 1). The well openings of the E-PAGE™ 96 cassette are compatible with the standard 96-well plate format and can be conveniently loaded with a multichannel pipettor or 8-, 12-, or 96-tip liquid-handling robotic devices (Figure 2). E-PAGE™ 96 cassettes are conveniently opened with a butterfly opener to remove the gel for staining or blotting (Figures 3 and 4). In addition, each E-PAGE™ 96 cassette is labeled with an individual barcode to facilitate identification of the gel using commercial barcode readers.

E-Base™ Integrated Devices
E-PAGE™ 96 gels run in the specially designed E-Base™ electrophoresis bases, which combine the base and the power source in one device. Two types of bases are available from Invitrogen:
1. The mother E-Base™ device contains an electrical plug that can be connected directly to an electrical outlet and is used for electrophoresis of one E-PAGE™ 96 gel
2. The daughter E-Base™ device connects to the mother E-Base™ (Figure 5) and to other daughter E-Base™ devices for the simultaneous electrophoresis of two or more E-PAGE™ 96 gels. The daughter base does not contain an electrical plug and cannot be used without a mother base

Each base has a power/program button and a timer button on the lower right side of the base for controlling your electrophoresis run. The lower left side of each base contains a lighted LED and a digital timer display (00-99) that indicates where your gel is in the running process. Two programs are pre-set in the E-Base™ units: a 14-minute protein run program for E-PAGE™ 96 gels and a 12-minute DNA program for running E-Gel® 96 Gels. For E-Gel® 48 Gels, use the DNA program extended to 20 minutes due to the longer running distance.

Note: The E-Base™ can run either E-Gel® 96, E-Gel® 48, or E-PAGE™ 96 systems. The E-PAGE™ 96 gel is not compatible with current models of the E-Gel® 96 bases (mother and daughter bases).

E-Holder™ platform
The E-Holder™ platform is compatible in size with standard automated systems for convenient loading of samples in a hands-free robot environment when the use of the E-Base™ devices is not practical or while in queue for its availability.

E-Editor™ 2.0 Software
Analysis of E-PAGE™ 96 gel results is fast and convenient, for both stained gels and blots, using the Window®-based E-Editor™ 2.0 software. All 96 lanes (and the additional 8 marker lanes) are grouped and aligned into one image, for easy interpretation and comparison. Moreover, when 384-well assays are performed, the E-Editor™ program allows selection of multiple automated loading patterns and grouping of four different E-PAGE™ 96 gel results into one integrated image. This enables an immediate reference back from the gel or blot lane into the coordinates of the originating plate well to provide quick identification of important results.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Compatibility: E-PAGE™ Gels
Product Line: E-PAGE™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Buffer: Sample Loading Buffers
Gel Type: E-PAGE™

Contents & storage

Each E-PAGE™ 96 kit includes 8 gels, E-PAGE™ loading buffer 1, 4.5 ml loading buffer, E-PAGE™ buffer 2, 4.5 ml SDS-free loading buffer, 4.5 ml loading buffer, and a Butterfly Opener. The E-Base™ mother and daughter devices and loading buffers are available separately. Store at room temperature. Guaranteed stable for 6 months after manufacturing when stored properly.