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Platefeeder Carousel

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Lab Automation

Optimize storage and throughput with this small-footprint unit that stores stacked microplates and tip boxes, and supports automated access by our robotic systems. Thermo Scientific™ Platefeeder Carousel consists of a motorized turntable with detachable hotels, and includes a controller that enables a host computer to rotate the turntable until the desired hotel is in position. When used with a Thermo Scientific Laboratory Automation and Integration robotic arm, our Platefeeder Carousel provides fully-automated storage of stacked microplates.

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  • Platefeeder hotels provide greater capacity than shelved microplate hotels
  • A closed-loop servo motor with an optical encoder ensures accurate positioning of the carousel
  • Eight removeable hotels allow operators to rapidly load and unload the carousel, providing greater utilization
  • Hotels can accommodate standard and deep-well microplates with or without lids, and pipet tip boxes
  • Landscape or portrait microplate orientation provides direct access into instrumentation
  • Controller allows a PC to precisely control the carousel's rotation

Includes: Eight removable platefeeder hotels, each holding up to 40 unlidded, 34 lidded, or 14 deep-well microplates; Controller with RS232 serial interface; Anodized aluminum base plate and hotel back support; Mounting hardware