Thermo Scientific™

Microplate Delidder

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Lab Automation

Automate the removal, storage, and replacement of lids on microplates using Thermo Scientific™ Microplate Delidder. Using a Microplate Delidder instead of a robot's microplate fingers to remove or replace a lid provides more reliable lid placement and frees the robot to perform other operations. As part of a Thermo Scientific Polara™ automated lab system, delidders enable the system to delid and relid any microplate being processed.

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  • Single or seven-position delidder models
  • Compact footprint
  • Landscape or portrait microplate orientation
  • Support for standard and deep-well microplates
  • Positive lid retrieval prevents delidder from applying the vacuum to an unlidded microplate
  • Position sensors prevent delidder from removing or returning a lid unless a properly positioned microplate is present