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Dimension4 Modular Lab Tables

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Lab Automation

Thermo Scientific™ Dimension4 Modular Lab Tables provide a stable, flexible, and highly scalable mounting platform for automated lab workstations and systems. Thermo Scientific Modular Lab Tables make changes easy. Without special tools, you can attach or remove other Modular Lab Tables, change the height of the Table, and add or remove a Thermo Scientific LPTTM (Linear Plate Transport) or Robot System. Our Modular Lab Tables feature a Trespa™ surfaces, welded, hollow steel supports, and integrated power for instruments and other devices.

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Modular tables can be used individually for workstations, or connected to an unlimited number of other Dimension4 Modular Tables for large systems. Modular tables support the Dimension4 microplate transport system and the Thermo Scientific CataLyst-T or F3T track robots, in either a one-sided or two-sided configuration. Or use the Tables alone or with a Thermo Scientific CataLyst and F3 plate mover mounted directly to the table surface.
  • Connects easily to other Dimension4 Modular Tables
  • Supports Dimension4, track and articulated robot, and standalone configurations
  • Chemically-resistant Trespa Athlon table tops, available in custom colors
  • Multiple North American or European power outlets, with GFI protection
  • Power circuit can be isolated or configured as part of a circuit that encompasses several tables
  • Easily removable lower shelves and supports for wheel-in waste or reagent containers
  • Permits integration of Cytomat under table surface
  • Table tops can be lowered up to 15.25mm (6in.) to position instruments for mover or robot access
  • Attractive cladding available for table ends
  • Available in 800 and 1200mm lengths