Thermo Scientific™

F5 Robot System

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Lab Automation

Thermo Scientific™ F5 articulated robot combines the superior performance of industrial robotics with the application-driven benefits of a traditional Thermo Scientific™ laboratory robot. The F5 is a state-of-the-art, 6-axis articulated robot designed for laboratory automation. ±0.02mm repeatability at full, 5kg payload and full speed within the entire robot work envelope ensures maximum accuracy and superior positioning, while the robots advanced servo technology enables smooth motion without vibration even at full speed, optimizing efficiency and throughput.

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  • Linear track expands the workspace, allowing the F5 to service more instrumentation
  • Robot's small footprint allows it to be used in work areas with limited space
  • The option of upright, angle, wall or invert mounting increases installation flexibility, allowing the F5 to be integrated into virtually any workspace, large or small
  • Integrated servo grippers with grip force control result in the precise gripping of all plate types and consumables
  • A wide range of microplate fingers is available to access every type of instrument
  • Compact controller, together with integrated lab-oriented software, provides reliable performance and increased speed of movement of any plate type and consumable
  • Software is easy to use and can be set up quickly, improving operational efficiency