FxCycle™ PI/RNase Staining Solution

Catalog number:  F10797

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Flow Cytometry

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FxCycle™ PI/RNase Staining Solution is used for flow cyotmetric analysis of DNA content in fixed cells. Propidium iodide (PI), a popular red-fluorescent stain, binds to DNA by intercalating between the bases with little or no sequence preference and with a stoichiometry of one dye per 4–5 base pairs of DNA. PI also binds to RNA, necessitating treatment with RNase to distinguish between RNA and DNA staining. This propidium iodide solution includes DNase-free RNase A and a permeablization reagent. It comes ready to use: simply add the staining solution to fixed cells, incubate, and acquire on a flow cytometer without washing.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Permeability: Cell-Impermeant
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Excitation/Emission: 535⁄ 617
Flow Cytometer Laser Lines: 488
For Use With (Equipment): Flow Cytometer
Form: Solution
Label or Dye: propidium iodide
No. of Reactions: 200
Product Line: FxCycle™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Sub Cellular Localization: Nucleus
Format: Tube(s)

Contents & storage

1 bottle FxCycle™ PI/RNase Staining Solution (100 mL).

Store at room temperature, and protect from light.Store at room temperature