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DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR Kit

Catalog number:  F415S

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Real Time PCR (qPCR)

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Alternative Product: Try PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix, our newest, high-performance, SYBR dye-based master mix for superior performance at a very competitive price. With PowerUp SYBR Green Master Mix, we’ve taken the best of DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR Kit and added additional capabilities for your gene expression analysis.

Thermo Scientific DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR Kit is developed for fast real-time qPCR. It provides qPCR results faster than most SYBR Green kits without compromising the qPCR performance. A DNA-binding domain attached to the polymerase in this kit improves the physical stability of the polymerase-DNA complex, thus enhancing the processivity and robustness of the amplification. The high amplification efficiency of DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR Kit gives reliable quantification and early Cq values. Due to the high signal intensity, DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.


• Extremely fast protocols: Combined annealing and extension step of only 15 s
• Specific and sensitive detection of a wide range of template concentrations
• Included dUTP allows the use of UNG for prevention of carry-over contamination
• Convenient 2× master mix and optimized protocol


• Fast qPCR
• qPCR using SYBR Green dye
• RT-qPCR using SYBR Green dye

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: DyNAmo Flash
Detection Method: SYBR
For Use With (Equipment): 7000 System, 7300 System, 7500 Fast System, 7500 System, 7700 System, 7900HT Fast System, 7900HT System, BioRad CFX96™, QuantStudio™, ViiA™ 7 System, Bio-Rad CFX384 Touch™, Roche LightCycler 480, 5700 Sequence Detection System, StepOnePlus™ System, Eppendorf MasterCycler RealPlex, Corbett RotorGene, StepOne™ System, Stratagene Mx4000, Stratagene Mx3005P, Stratagene Mx3000P, MJ Opticon, MJ Chromo4, Cepheid SmartCycler
PCR Method: qPCR
Reaction Speed: Fast
No. of Reactions: 100 reactions
Sample Type: DNA, dsDNA

Contents & storage

• 1 x 1 mL DyNAmo Flash SYBR Green qPCR Mix (2X)
• 1 x 50 µL 50X ROX dye, 25µM

Store at -20°C