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NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace

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Accommodate larger sample testing and reduce labor and cost with the Thermo Scientific™ NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace, which uses an environmentally friendly, cost-effective ignition method to determine asphalt content by eliminating the cost of solvent and solvent disposal. Cost analysis has shown that the average asphalt producer can pay for the cost of the furnace in as little as 26-32 weeks based on solvent cost-savings alone.
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Key Features

  • Asphalt content of bituminous paving mixtures is accurate to 0.11%
  • Accommodates samples up to 5000g

Operating Features

  • Automatic mode: endpoint is detected and software ends the test, prints the results and beeps until STOP is pressed to unlock door (in accordance with AMRL specifications)
  • Manual mode: endpoint is detected and furnace begins to beep but continues to test until STOP is pressed to unlock door, then and results print
  • Furnace software automatically compensates for weight change due to sample and basket assembly temperature change
  • Compensation is computed for each sample load tested (i.e, a fixed number is not assigned to a given range of load sizes)
  • Positive or negative correction factors are accepted for use with mixes containing hydrated lime
  • Endpoint within 0.01% of the sample weight is automtically detected
  • Sample stability is reached once endpoint criterion is met for three consecutive minutes during the test
  • Endpoint sensitivity is adjustable from 0.01% to 0.5%
  • Software computes test results as calibrated asphalt content per total weight of HMA sample or bitumen ratio per weight of dry aggregate
  • 24-hour/7-day timer can be programmed to preheat furnace
  • RS-232 port provides data interface with a PC for graphical data analysis

Savings and Convenience

  • Larger sample testing reduces total samples needed for testing each day, reducing labor and costs
  • Ignition method reduces testing time when compared to solvent extraction: a 1200 to 1800g asphalt sample can be tested in 30 to 45 min.

    Internal scale monitors sample weight throughout the process, saving technician time and increasing productivity, as samples need not be removed and weighed

    Standard 30A electrical service is used (50A service costs more to install and operate)

    Modular design of refractory embedded heating elements provides extended service life and inexpensive, easy replacement


  • No exposure to harmful solvents
  • Automatic door-lock prevents door opening during critical test time, protecting operator and ensuring test integrity
  • High temperature afterburner is used with a proprietary ceramic filter to reduce ignition process emissions by up to 95%
  • Independent laboratory study, conducted with the California Transportation Department in accordance with California EPA guidelines, showed emissions from the furnace during the ignition test were within EPA parameters
  • A laboratory hygiene study, conducted in accordance with OSHA guidelines, proved the system poses no health threats during proper use

Compatible with:

Accessory start-up kit (AY1087X1)


The Thermo Scientific NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace, developed in conjunction with the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), set the industry standard for determining asphalt content by the ignition method. This system was integral to the drafting and passage of ASTM™ D6307 and AASHTO T308. A 12-lab roundrobin field test was conducted by NCAT exclusively with this furnace. Results and proven performance are documented by NCAT.