Thermo Scientific™

FDP120 Oil Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum Concentrators & Pumps

Use specifically designed Thermo Scientific™ FDP120 Oil Vacuum Pumps for standard freeze drying applications.

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  • 116L/min (at 60Hz) throughput
  • 1.5mtorr ultimate vacuum level
  • Supplied Gas Ballast Oil Return Kit (GBORK) allows the user to apply full gas ballast to keep the oil clean without losing oil
  • Oil mist filter filters the exhaust to keep environmental air clean

Ordering Information:

For applications involving aggressive solvents that might damage ordinary pumps, we recommend the LyoPump VLP195FD which also includes an active oil filtration system (VPOF110) that dramatically extends the life of the pump.


GBORK (Gas Ballast Oil Return Kit) and Oil Mist Filter (EMF-10).