Thermo Scientific™

flexProber System for Semiconductors

The Thermo Scientific™ flexProber™ is our newest SEM-based nanoprobing platform, providing electrical characterization and fault isolation capabilities for process development, device design debug, and failure analysis. flexProber’s Thermo Scientific™ SteadFast™ nano-manipulators, along with the Thermo Scientific™ LEEN™ high-resolution scanning electron microscope column and advanced control software, allow for precise, repeatable, and stable probe placement on critical level features.
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flexProber key features:

  • Platform stability: Fast, repeatable probe motion control and low drift rates for stable electrical measurements.
  • Integrated system operation: Guided workflows and software control of measurements and SEM setup for efficient operation.
  • SEM column designed for nanoprobing: High resolution at low landing energies with a large field of view (FOV).