E-Gel™ Go! Agarose Gels, 1%

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Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting

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E-Gel® Go! precast agarose gel cassettes are the perfect option for performing agarose gel electrophoresis when you have only a few samples to analyze. E-Gel Go! precast agarose gel cassettes each have four wells and are premixed with a blue light excitable nucleic acid stain. E-Gel Go! precast agarose gel cassettes can be stored at room temperature and are ready to use whenever you need them without needing additional buffers or reagents. E-Gel Go! Precast agarose gels are designed specifically to work with the E-Gel Go! Base and other components of the E-Gel Go! system.
• Stop Pouring Gels When You Need Only A Few Lanes
• Perform Gel Electrophoresis Anywhere, Anytime
• Visualize More Bands With Highly Sensitive Stain
• Choose 1% or 2% Gels Based On Your Band Sizes

Precast Convenience, Fewer Lanes
E-Gel Go! is the newest member of the groundbreaking E-Gel precast agarose gel family. All E-Gel products offer the convenience of precast, self contained, bufferless, room temperature stable agarose gels and E-Gel Go! is the perfect flavor of E-Gel for when you only need to run a few samples. Each E-Gel Go! precast agarose gel has four lanes, perfect for doing a quick check of end point PCRs, restriction digests, plasmid preps or other molecular biology reactions. The E-Gel Go! Base is both the power supply you need to run E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels and a real time, blue light transilluminator that can be used to visualize band progress during or after the run. Whenever, wherever you need to do a quick check of a few important samples E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels are there for you.

The Most Senitive Nucleic Acid Stain
E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels utilize the same highly sensitive nucleic acid stain as the E-Gel EX system. This proprietary stain has been specially formulated to provide the highest possible detection sensitivity. The stain in E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels can be visualized with traditional UV transilluminators, but for the very best results and highest sensitivity visible blue light should be used. When using blue light the bands must be viewed through an amber filter. Best of all, the E-Gel Go! Base that runs the E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels has an integrated blue light transilluminator and amber filter lid so you can watch your bands migrate in real time, or document your results right on the Base.

The Right Gel for the Job At Hand
E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels come in two agarose percentages, 1% and 2%. This allows you to choose the best gel for your specific application and size range of interest. For linear double stranded DNA fragments ranging from ~1.5kbp – 100bp in size the 2% gels offer excellent resolution and separation. When you need to resolve larger fragments, up to 4kbp the 1% gels are the optimal solution. In either case, E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels will yield sharp bands and repeatable, reliable results with unparalleled convenience.

E-Gel Ladders
E-Gel Go! precast agarose gels utilize a unique formulation to provide the best in sensitivitity, resolution and convenience. For the best results you should choose E-Gel ladders as a molecular weight reference for every E-Gel Go! precast agarose gel run. E-Gel ladders are specifically formulated to be compatible with E-Gel products, including E-Gel Go!, and combine the convenience of room temperature stability and pre-mixed loading dye. E-Gel ladders come in a number of configurations to provide you with the flexibility you need to analyze your bands of interest.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Percentage: 1 %
Gel Type: E-Gel
In-Gel Dye: Proprietary Stain
Product Line: E-Gel® Go!
Product Size: 10 gels
Quantity: 10 gel(s)
Sample Loading Volume: 10 µl
System: E-Gel® Go!
Well Format: Single Comb
Wells: 4 wells
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Each pack contains 10 individually sealed pouches, each with a single 1% E-Gel® Go! precast agarose gel cassette.

Store at room temperature.


Manuals & protocols