E-Gel™ Agarose Gels with SYBR™ Safe DNA Gel Stain, 1.2% This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

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Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting

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Invitrogen E-Gel precast agarose gels with SYBR Safe DNA gel stain are designed for fast, convenient, and safe DNA sample electrophoresis. Each E-Gel agarose gel cassette contains all components and stain required for efficient gel separation and analysis—just load your samples and run. E-Gel agarose gels are ideal for analyzing PCR products, restriction digests, plasmid preparations, or for DNA fragment library analysis.

Features of E-Gel precast agarose gels include:
Instantaneous setup—precast E-Gel agarose gels are ready for use when you are, and do not require gel preparation or additional buffers
Safer choice—contains SYBR Safe DNA Stain, a safer alternative to ethidium bromide
High performance—detect 2–3 ng of sample DNA with separation time as little as ~30 minutes
In-process control—view DNA sample migration in real time

Safer option
Choose SYBR Safe DNA stain-containing gels to minimize exposure to hazardous and mutagenic factors such as ethidium bromide or UV. The precast E-Gel agarose gels with SYBR Safe stain, in combination with blue-light trans-illumination, offer better sample integrity and a safer work environment.

Fast and convenient analysis
E-Gel agarose gels enable fast and high-performance analysis with a detection sensitivity of 2–3 ng of sample DNA per band, and a separation time 2–3 fold faster than that of conventional pour-your-own gels. Each E-Gel agarose gel contains agarose, electrodes, SYBR Safe DNA stain, and a bufferless ion exchange system packaged inside a dry disposable cassette. E-Gel technology does not required any gel or buffer preparation or gel straining steps. Just load your samples and run.

Live monitoring of DNA migration
E-Gel agarose gels are pre-stained with SYBR Safe DNA gel stain with an excitation wavelength in the blue-light spectrum. When used on the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis Device with integrated blue-light trans-illuminator, safe real-time monitoring of DNA migration is enabled without risk to eyes or possible damage to the sample, unlike UV illumination.

Nucleic acid markers
For optimal DNA analysis on E-Gel agarose gels we recommend the specially formulated E-Gel 1 Kb Plus Express DNA Ladder (Cat. No: 10488091) or E-Gel 50 bp DNA Ladder (Cat. No. 10488099) or E-Gel Ultra Low DNA Ladder (Cat. No. 10488096). Our high-quality ready-to-use ladders are formulated using individual chromatography-purified DNA fragments and are suitable for storage at room temperature.

Learn more about our E-Gel DNA ladders ›

Running and imaging devices
E-Gel agarose gels require the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System for gel running and viewing. The system consists of an electrophoresis device and a camera for fast and convenient E-Gel agarose gel separation and analysis.

Learn more about the E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis System ›

Available in a variety of gel formats
E-Gel agarose gels are available in variety of gel percentage, stain, and well formats. The 11-well E-Gel agarose gels with SYBR Safe are available in 1%, 2%, and 4% gel percentages. E-Gel agarose gel selection guide

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Percentage: 1.2 %
Gel Type: E-Gel
In-Gel Dye: SYBR Safe
Product Line: E-Gel™
Product Size: 18 gels
Well Format: Single Comb
Wells: 12 wells
Green Features: Less hazardous
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Contains one multi-pack of 18 gels. Store at room temperature.


Manuals & protocols