E-Gel™ Opener

Catalog number:  G530001

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Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting

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The E-Gel® Opener is a simple device specifically designed to quickly and efficiently open an E-Gel® cassette. This allows you to purify DNA fragments from the gel, transfer samples onto a membrane for Southern blot analysis, or post-stain Clear E-Gels. The E-Gel® Opener is safe and easy to use. Simply place the E-Gel® cassette into the E-Gel® Opener and turn the knob to tighten. The E-Gel® Opener uses two steel blades to safely and quickly pop open the E-Gel® cassette without harming your gel. In only a few minutes and with minimal effort, your E-Gel® will be ready for subsequent procedures. For maximum durability, the E-Gel® Opener is made of anodized aluminum.

Note: the E-Gel® Opener is not compatible with E-Gel® 48 and E-Gel® 96 agarose gels.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: E-Gel™
For Use With (Equipment): E-Gel™ Cassettes

Contents & storage

Room temperature