Notice: This product will be discontinued and substituted with a newer version of the E-Gel™ CloneWell™ agarose gel electrophoresis device starter kit on September 15, 2017.

E-Gel™ CloneWell™ Agarose Gels with SYBR Safe™ DNA Gel Stain, 0.8% + E-Gel™ iBase™ Power System + E-Gel™ Safe Imager™ Transilluminator Starter Kit This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

Catalog number:  G6500ST

Invitrogen™  Related applications: DNA Extraction | Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting

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The E-Gel® iBase™ Power System gives you all the convenience of the original E-Gel® Power Base with even more power and control. You’ll get:
• Faster run time
• Programmable control
• Compatibility with all low throughput E-Gels

The E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator allows you to watch migration of DNA in real-time in E-Gels containing SYBR® Safe. It offers:
• Real-Time monitoring of DNA migration
• Improved safety for the user
• Enhanced cloning efficiency of retrieved DNA

Self-contained Power System
The E-Gel® iBase™ Power System is compatible with all low throughput E-Gels. This self-contained device includes a built-in power supply. Simply connect the AC adaptor provided and plug into an electrical outlet. View program selection and running time on the easy-to-read LCD display. Preset programs are available for various gel types or you can manually set your own run times. A reverse program allows you to change the field direction, ensuring complete capture of DNA when using the E-Gel® CloneWell™ gels. The "Speed E-Gel®" pre-set program allows separation of DNA in 7 minutes over a 2.5cm run length, and can be used with 0.8%, 1.2% or 2% E-Gels. In addition, the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System includes an automatic shutoff feature, so you won’t overrun your gel. When running E-Gels containing SYBR® Safe, you can safely watch the DNA bands migrate through the gel by using the E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator together with the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System. The use of SYBR® Safe DNA Gel Stain and a Safe Imager™ Transilluminator ensures maximum possible safety to the user and gives improved cloning efficiency over ethidium bromide and UV.

Real-Time Transilluminator Designed for Safety and Cloning
The E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator is designed to fit perfectly beneath the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System and is intended for use with E-Gels containing SYBR® Safe. Blue light emitted by the instrument is ideal for viewing DNA that is stained with SYBR® Safe. Unlike UV, blue light causes minimal damage to DNA, offering improved safety for the user and enhanced cloning efficiency of any DNA retrieved from the gels. The E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real-Time Transilluminator can be purchased as a stand-alone item (Cat. No. G6500), in combination with the E-Gel® iBase™ Power System(G6465), or as part of a Starter Kit that also includes an E-Gel® iBase™ Power System, E-Gel® CloneWell™ gels, and an E-Gel® 96 High Range DNA Marker (G6500ST).

To learn more about E-Gel® CloneWell™ gels and other E-Gels containing SYBR® Safe, please visit
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Percentage: 0.8 %
Gel Type: E-Gel®
In-Gel Dye: SYBR® Safe
Product Line: CloneWell™, E-Gel®, SYBR Safe™, Safe Imager™, iBase™
Product Size: 1 each
Well Format: Double Comb
Wells: 2 x 8 wells
Green Features: Less hazardous
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Includes E-Gel® iBase™ Power System, E-Gel® Safe Imager™ Real Time Transilluminator unit, amber filter, Safe Imager™ viewing glasses, 18 E-Gel® CloneWell™ gels, and E-Gel® High Range DNA Marker


Manuals & protocols

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