Fixation Medium (Medium A)

Catalog number:  GAS001S100

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Flow Cytometry

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Fixation Medium (Medium A) is a component of the FIX & PERM® Cell Permeabilization Kit. The kit is used in flow cytometry for fixing and permeabilizing cells in suspension, allowing access of antibody to intracellular targets without sacrificing scatter characteristics.

The FIX & PERM® Cell Permeabilization Kit is:

• Flexible—compatible with multiple sample types and cellular antigens
• Robust—scatter pattern of cells unaffected
• Efficient—simultaneous detection of intracellular and surface markers

View a selection guide for all available FIX & PERM® products and products related to sample preparation (including cell lysis and preservation solutions, blocking reagents, and information about the use of Dynabeads® cell separation products for cell isolation).

The Fixation Medium formula was specifically designed to reduce background staining and allow simultaneous addition of fluorochrome-labeled antibodies during the permeabilization step.

How It Works
Cells are incubated for 15 minutes at room temperature with the Fixation Medium and washed. Cells can then be incubated with Permeabilization Medium (Medium B) (Cat. No. GAS002S100) and fluorochrome-labeled antibody. Both Fixation Medium and Permeabilization Medium are included in the FIX & PERM® Cell Permeabilization Kit.


Product Line: FIX & PERM®
Reagent Type: Fixation Reagent
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Packaging Quantity: 1 Each
Quantity: 100 mL

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.