Thermo Scientific™

Helios™ G4 HX DualBeam™ for Semiconductors

The Thermo Scientific™ Helios™ G4 HX DualBeam™ microscope replaces the highly successful Helios 460HP as the industry’s highest throughput, dedicated transmission electron microscope (TEM) lamella preparation platform. The Helios G4 HX DualBeam utilizes a patented inverted TEM sample preparation method to create high-quality lamellas for the most advanced semiconductor nodes. Integrating EasyLift EX Nanomanipulator, new Automated QuickFlip shuttle, and iFast automation software platform, the Helios G4 HX DualBeam provides unmatched value to Failure Analysis labs by means of a fully integrated, automated solution. Improved materials contrast enabled by low-loss in-lens detectors, along with extreme high-resolution SEM imaging at low-kV, ensures accurate endpointing, which results in increased yield during final thinning of the TEM sample.
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The world's most advanced DualBeam platform for imaging, analysis, and TEM sample preparation for semiconductor failure analysis, process development, and process control laboratories.

The Helios G4 HX DualBeam combines the industry-leading, highest-resolution, highest-contrast Elstar+UC SEM with the most advanced Phoenix FIB for best-in-class imaging and milling performance. Specifically designed for high-throughput, high-quality, ultra-thin TEM lamella preparation, the Helios G4 HX DualBeam comes with the FEI EasyLift EX Nanomanipulator and new Automated QuickFlip shuttle for precise, accurate, and repeatable in situ sample lift-out and manipulations. When used in conjunction with the FEI iFast Starter Recipes for automated TEM sample preparation, even novice operators are able to repeatedly create high-quality, ultra-thin lamellas with confidence.

The Helios G4 HX DualBeam is designed to meet the challenges of advanced semiconductor failure analysis labs. The FEI Cell Navigator accurately locates the defect in repeating structures using automated sample navigation. This improves the success rate of finding the intended region of interest by greater than 5%. In addition, the patented inverted TEM sample preparation method, enabled by the FEI EasyLift EX Nanomanipulator, new Automated QuickFlip shuttle, and automation software platform iFAST, delivers the highest throughput in the industry.

Cross Section Imaging

The innovative Elstar electron column with UC monochromator technology provides the foundation of the systems' unprecedented high-resolution imaging capability. This translates to uncompromised SEM resolution of 0.6nm at optimum working distance and 0.8nm at dual beam coincidence. High-resolution, low-damage electron beam imaging is critical for identifying defects or structural problems within the bulk sample and endpointing on ultra-thin TEM lamellas. Operating at very low landing energies is also critical to minimize beam-induced damage on sensitive materials such as low-k dielectric or photoresist.