HepaRG™ Thaw, Plate & General Purpose Medium Supplement (5X)

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HepaRG™ Thaw, Plate, & General Purpose Medium Supplement (5x) is a specialized media supplement for use in culturing HepaRG™ cells. HepaRG™ Thaw, Plate, & General Purpose Medium Supplement (5x) is specifically used for the initial thawing and propagation of cryopreserved HepaRG™ cells.
• Easy media preparation, just thaw, mix, and use
• Reproducible, and biologically relevant results with HepaRG™ cells

Media Preparation
Working media is prepared by the addition of thawed HepaRG™ Thaw, Plate, & General Purpose Medium Supplement (5x) to 500 ml of William’s Medium E (A1217601 or 12551032) and 5 ml of GlutaMAX™-I (35050061). The simple two-step process helps reduce contamination opportunities.

Simplified, Relevant and Reproducible Studies
HepaRG™ cells exhibit many characteristics of primary human hepatocytes and are essentially a single donor. These features allow users to obtain physiological relevant results for metabolism-based drug-drug interactions without the concern of donor variability and limited lot sizes that come with relying on donor tissue. (Note: The cells we provide are terminally differentiated).

HepaRG™ is a trademark of BioPredic International.
WARNING: Reproductive Harm -
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Concentration: 5 X
Product Type: Supplement
Sterility: Sterile
Purity or Quality Grade: Research Grade, Cell Culture Grade
Serum Level: Standard Serum
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Tested For: Sterility Testing (Bacteria & Fungi)
Volume (Metric): 67 ml
Product Line: Gibco™
Form: Frozen
Glutamine: No Glutamine
Cell Type: HepaRG™ Cells
pH: 6 to 8

Contents & storage

Supplement should be stored at -20°C