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LIMS Solution for Environmental Laboratories

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The Thermo Scientific™ LIMS Solution for Environmental Laboratories is an essential tool for analyzing multiple analytes in complex matrices—whether it be soils, effluent, waste waters, rivers, estuarine water, air, emissions, or noise, and delivers user-friendly navigation and easily accessible electronic reporting for regulatory compliance. Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS™ is invaluable to environmental laboratory operations and allows managers to make informed decisions to improve throughput, resolve environmental issues/risks faster.
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Even within a field as narrow as environmental analysis, there are different requirements for different laboratories. A wastewater site lab, for example, may need different functionality than that required by a commercial environmental lab. Most environmental scientists understand the benefits a LIMS can bring to their operation. Among the more obvious ones, a LIMS can help to: Reduce transcription errors Allow better utilization of staff Reducing the amount of time spent keying in data Permitting user defined calculations and results Improve turnaround time Provide a clear picture of the status of a user's samples Allow for rapid extraction of large datasets, for statistical or other analysis Avoid mix-ups with Samples and / or results Respond to problems in a timely manner Improved Turnaround Time and Work in Progress One of the most critical parameters in many environmental labs is turnaround time since many environmental samples are time-sensitive, and the accuracy of the result can be impacted if holding times are exceeded. By automating data entry tasks and utilizing pre-defined templates for sample analysis and entry, routine sample lists can be created and in seconds. Many labs include sample turnaround statistics in their month-end reports. SampleManager LIMS allows managers to generate these reports simply and quickly, and to view trends over longer periods. Furthermore, SampleManager LIMS allows several filtering and grouping options, so that managers can identify problems within particular areas, such as sample preparation, or with certain analytical equipment. This type of information is invaluable and allows managers to make informed decisions to improve the efficiency of resource allocation. Laboratory Accreditation For most labs that analyze environmental samples, accreditation is mandatory for regulatory agencies, however tougher standards are making it increasingly difficult to meet accreditation or certification guidelines. SampleManager LIMS is specifically designed to conform to state or national accreditation standards such as ISO 17025 and UKAS, allowing lab managers and QA officers to concentrate on other areas, knowing that the data management requirements such as audit trails, electronic signatures and data integrity are fully met. Real Time Data Analysis and Quality Control By providing operations with up-to-the minute analytical data, SampleManager LIMS allows them to adjust process conditions in a timely manner, and to respond to upsets with the minimum of delay.